Great Blue Herons in Winter

The Bear River mostly frozen and there are only a few spots with open water. These spots are usually occupied by Great Blue Herons and Gulls who often steal fish from Herons.

Great Blue Herons aren’t the best swimmers, they swim for a short time and very rare.

Landing on slippery ice is tricky and Herons sometimes struggled to keep their balance.

This Great Blue is running with his catch to a safe place.

After preening the Great Blue Heron looks fluffy and funny.

Flying low with wings down, beautifully and graciously.

Generally, life is good!

10 thoughts on “Great Blue Herons in Winter

      1. needhamb

        I’ll bet I have more trashy photos than you. How much you want to bet?
        I always look forward to your posts more than anyone else. You have the best birds. There’s nothing like that here, and you take terrific shots.

        Liked by 1 person

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