There are so many species of sparrows that they have a reputation of being “difficult”, difficult to see well and difficult to identify. I believe that I photographed House sparrows (first and second pictures) and a Swamp sparrow.
A House sparrow.
A Swamp sparrow.
Farmington Bay in November.

10 thoughts on “Sparrows

  1. Ted Jennings - TPJ Photography

    The first two are certainly house sparrows. One of my favorite birds. Actually an invasive species that loves to live just about anywhere. In 1851 they were first released in Brooklyn NYC. Later on, late 1800’s, they were released all over the US. They were thought to be ‘pretty’ birds’.

    As a child in NYC we would feed them crusts of bread in the various alley in NYC.

    I guess you can tell I like them LOL.

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    1. Kaya

      Ted, thank you for your interesting comment! I didn’t know that sparrows were first released in Brooklyn and then all over the US.
      I have similar memories about sparrows, how I fed them in the winter with bread when I was a child. And they came to eat bread crumbs and were so fragile, so small.

      Yes, I can tell how much you in love with sparrows!!! And I know now that you grew up in NYC!


    2. Kaya

      Ted, I believe that our true passion sooner or later will find us.
      I did for several years street photography in my small city with only one main street and was so unhappy until I was introduced to birds. And that was it. I never returned back to street photography.

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