American White Pelicans’ Heaven – I.

Finally, I reached the Bear River refuge
and drove miles and miles around the river on the narrow dirt road.

It was early afternoon and the desert was peaceful and comforting.
I didn’t see any birds for the first fifteen minutes until I spotted many white birds.
They were so far away that my first thought was that they were Tundra swans.

When I approached closer I realized
that the white birds were American White pelicans. The colony of them.
And a well established colony with rules and busy activity.

Some pelicans were fishing for food, other were resting and napping
and the most active sometimes were flying.

I stayed with pelicans until sunset. I watched them, took pictures
and was so happy
that even didn’t pay attention to clouds of mosquitos and other insects circling over me.
Fortunately, I somehow survived and wasn’t bitten by them.

I also saw grebes. There were plenty of them. And I was lucky, I saw one Tundra swan and that was a big surprise
because at this time of year Tundra swans migrate to Arctic.
Did this Tundra swan decide to stay at Bear River refuge
or it was still early to migrate and there were many of swans somewhere around Bear River?


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