I noticed that I stopped to celebrate little simple moments in my life. Perhaps, it’s time to do it here.

There was a time when I wanted to delete this blog but didn’t dare. I kept writing and writing. I posted pictures. And my blog somehow slowly turned into a writing blog and became a comforting place.

It’s not easy for me to write in English which is my second language and never will be. My relationship with English is not always smooth and friendly. There are days when I feel a connection with it and there days when I feel a detachment.

There are days when I am hunting for the words. I find them all around. I hear them in conversations, in movies, reading books, and listening to my husband about latest political news. But when I try to use some new words they vanish into the air or flow like water between my fingers. And I think why is it happening, at one moment you feel connected to learnt words and the next moment you can’t use them or you don’t remember them at all.

Does it discourage me? Not at all. I need the efforts. I need the space to learn, to forget and sometimes to fail. That space is a hope.


2 Comments on “Celebrating

  1. I really do enjoy both your beautiful photographs, and your writing.
    English is my first language, and I don’t feel like I’ve mastered it yet.


  2. Pat, thank you, thank you very much! I enjoy your writing no matter what you say about your language. It’s perfect!!! That is how I feel.
    A warm hug.


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