West Land -2.

Yesterday was a big day. I finally got my Lensbaby sweet 35. This time they sent me the right Lensbaby for my Nikon. The first Lensbaby was for Canon and I sent it back.

Of course, yesterday not everything went smoothly. My Nikon D90 in manual mode doesn’t display a metering scale when the Lensbaby is attached. Yes, no display even in manual mode. If it will happen to you the best way to figure out the correct exposure is trying to guess and check. It’s not high tech in our digital era but it works. You take a few testing shots and see how light they are or dark and go from there. If it’s too light increase shutter speed and make it faster, if it’s too dark go for a slower shutter speed (decrease numbers). And not forget about ISO.

It’s a long way to learn how to use Lensbaby, you have to practice and practice and be patient. And that is what I am going to do.


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