It seems recently that I am running out of ideas. Thus, the idea of doing Western landscapes didn’t turn into something exciting. Why? I think because my blur photographs made the world dull and stagnant and it wasn’t my intention.

I didn’t say no to the idea of pictorial photography because I don’t want it to go away. And I don’t want to think that it was a wrong idea. Not yet.

I don’t know how you treat your ideas, I try to deal with them with all my respect and curiosity even if they are false.

Well, I am still holding onto the idea to continue my Western landscapes but not the way I began to do it. I don’t like the blur world and I am getting tired quickly of black and white colors. I want the world to be alive and a vital place.


2 Comments on “Ideas

  1. Great photo! The drab old box cars sitting there frozen in time, while the colorful modern cars leave them in the past.
    When it comes to my photos, I never go out with a theme in mind. I want them to look decent, but more than that, I want them to look like snapshots. Maybe that is why I love street candids so much. If you take any time at all setting up a shot, the moment is gone. Or like you said, it’s no longer candid.
    Just keep doing what you do! I love your photos.


  2. Pat, your “snapshots” are not snapshots at all. They have the stories behind them, your vision and they all are so different and make me look into the details and think would I notice them or missed. I also like candid street shots. I am moving into this direction more and more. Thank you for this comment from the bottom of my heart.
    A big warm hug.


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