Western Landscapes-1. Old Tree

I live in Northern Utah and in spring and early summer everything is wonderfully green. We have tall beautiful trees, a few rivers which are icy cold, lakes and we are blessed with a few cool days in summer.

Lately I was thinking is it possible to tell through my photography about my little world where there are my favorite trees, the river which knows all my dreams and thoughts, and prayers. Is it possible to tell stories about what I appreciate very much and grateful to have in an poetic way. I decided to give it a try and see where it will take me.


2 thoughts on “Western Landscapes-1. Old Tree

  1. Oh, Olechka, it is so very beautiful and pure! It evokes tears to me – a bit sad and so darling as it is a part of you as precious as you are.

    I am fine, thank you very much! Life seems to be a mess sometimes and I am longing for that time when we have been contemplating life and nature and sharing that through our blogs. It was so peaceful and so beautiful! Thank God for that time and our friendship!

    I hope you are fine, Olechka. Sending you a lot of friendly hugs and kisses!


  2. Anechka, thank you for your presence and visit. Yes, life sometimes is unpredictable. I also miss that time when I was writing in my native language and reading your blog and many others. Sometimes I want to return back to this time but then I say to myself that you can’t step in the same river twice…

    I am glad to hear that you are fine. I am thinking about you often, Anechka!


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