My Little Adventures

If someone would read about my little adventures he/she would say that I am exaggerating calling things that happened to me an adventure. Who would call an encounter with a young deer on a narrow mountain road an adventure? Nothing special happened. A young deer decided to cross the road in front of my car. Thank God that I wasn’t speeding and was able to stop on the brake right in time.

Later on the same mountain road I met a beautiful white dog (on the first picture), who was wandering on the road as he was lost or abandoned by somebody. I was ready to rescue this dog and bring him home but when I went to talk to him he shyly tried to get behind the bushes. And then I saw the sheep on the mountain and a dog whom I wanted to rescue was running toward them. First time in my life I met a shepherd dog. He was big. Shy. And very friendly. I fell in love with him from the moment when I met him on the road.

Then I met his twin – another shepherd dog- who also was very shy and smart. I talked to him  much later and he listened carefully from the distance.

I had a great time in the mountains. I watched sheep. Took a lot of pictures of them. And even took  pictures of osprey birds ( googled later and found out that they are osprey and not hawks).

My little adventures in the mountains weren’t special, just little encounters with sheep, mountains, two friendly timid shepherd dogs and the osprey birds. But because of them my world became a little bit BIGGER and more INTERESTING.


4 thoughts on “My Little Adventures

    • Anechka, you can’t imagine how I am glad to hear from you again. Thank you very much for your comment.
      I hope that everything is wonderful in your life. I send to you my very best wishes. Be happy!


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