Letter to Self

Here is a deal I am making with myself. I will take a deep breath and will publish a letter I wrote to self yesterday. Am I jeopardizing my privacy as I was told by my husband? I don’t think so. And by the way there are days when I hate being private.

Here is my letter to self:

Hi, Kaya. Sorry that my letter will be chaotic and long. I didn’t write many letters. Can you accept it as an excuse? I know you can.

Your life for the past several months has been a silent struggle. Struggle with this blog, struggle being on social media, struggle with creativity. I am not going into details because I know you would not want me.

Yes, you were lately sending yourself into many different directions that hurt you more sometimes than helped. Some day you will be grateful for that because that is how we are gaining our experiences, getting wiser and stronger.

Let me also remind you that being vulnerable is better than is having a steel spine. Being vulnerable isn’t showing parts of you that are shiny and pretty. Being vulnerable is accepting yourself and being comfortable with it.

Finally, consider these crazy ideas I would like to share with you. Do what you want, write what you want to write, take pictures of what excites you and most important try to forget the word “art”. Don’t use it even in your vocabulary. Try instead to find that thing that moves you and go from there. Don’t care what others think of your photography. Just fucking do it. And some day you will be where you want to be. I promise.


5 Comments on “Letter to Self

  1. Hi Kaya,
    You shouldn’t worry “What will the Princess Marya Alekseevna say?”
    Eventually we all are looking for people who understand us and whose opinion is important to us. And those who does not understand – well…too bad for them.


  2. Alex, thank you very,very much for your comment. You made me smile when I read about Princess Marya Alekseevna. That is so great! And that is so true that we are looking for people who understand us….
    Best wishes to you!


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