My Happy Place

Happy place… This is one of those places where I can be unplugged. Disconnected from the world and be only in the present moment.

My happy place is close to my home. It happened to be in the mountains. You drive a few minutes to get there and when you out of your car you leave the world behind you. You leave your worries, your problems, your tears and struggles and you are only present for every single flower, for every tree and rock you meet on your way. It’s a hypnotic feeling.

In evening the light is fading fast in the mountains. It’s quickly getting colder and darker. Sun is a huge orange ball but soon it will be behind the mountains and you have only thirty minutes after sunset to get to the parking lot. And then darkness will cover the mountains.

I go into mountains alone. As often as I can; usually in evenings. And I always return back home happy. Happy that I didn’t fail to feel and see every present moment, that I tried to connect with nature in my own way. Happy that will be another day, another opportunity to create new memories.




5 Comments on “My Happy Place

  1. Gorgeous photos Kaya!
    My happy place is a lot like yours. I feel so good when I’m alone in the desert, or mountains. I like knowing that there are no other humans within miles of me.


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