In the Middle of Nowhere

Many years ago the monks found a place in Utah to built their monastery. In the middle of nowhere they also built their little Catholic church.

Today I spent a few hours in this church. All by myself. There wasn’t anybody around. I prayed, photographed, thought and prayed again. There was a thought in the back of my mind why is nobody in the church, why I didn’t see the monks. It was strange and a little bit uncomfortable.


Huntsville monastery once was busy. Right now there are only ten monks. Two things religion can’t control. Aging and new vocations. Father Brendan Freeman once stated that vocations are a gift from God and a gift cannot be coerced.

The monastery probably will die with the monks. And that is very, very sad.



6 Comments on “In the Middle of Nowhere

  1. My darling Olechka, I have been thinking of you all the last days and missing you so much! Happy Easter! May everything be beautiful, pleasant and happy in your life!
    I wish I were there with you in that monastery. How beautiful and peaceful it looks like. The last photo is so dramatic! Thank you, my dear Olechka, for this post! Sending you a lot of kisses and hugs!


  2. Anechka, thank you very, very much for your comment. И особенное спасибо за Пасхальное поздравление!!!!
    I am not writing often on this blog but yesterday I had an inspiration after spending a few hours in this special place.

    I am thinking about you also often. I am sending you my very best and warmest wishes. Be happy!!!

    A warm teddy bear hug and many kisses!


    • I do hope I will be able to read time after time an echo from your life and especially your inner world. I really love you, my dear Olechka and feel very happy that we met in the crazy web once!
      Thank you very much for all your support and friendship!


      • Anechka, I am having a difficult time right now but it will pass. Yesterday I thought about your comment, perhaps I should write because it’s easy this time.

        Thank you for your wonderful friendship also from all my heart.

        I am always with you in my thoughts.


  3. I made a comment, but don’t think it went through.
    It’s too bad that this way of life could be ending there. As always, your photos are fantastic.
    I especially love the window with the amazing stained glass in it.


    • Pat, yes it’s too bad but nothing can’t be changed; there are not many young people who want enter monastery in nowadays and be the monks.
      Thank you very much for your comment.


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