“Are You Guys Ready?…”

I saw the gulls a week ago by a huge pool in a field. Every time passing this place I looked for the gulls and they always were there. The idea to take pictures of them came yesterday. But how? If I would approach them; the gulls would fly away. If I would bring with myself bread to feed the birds; they may stay with me.

To my surprise when I came to the pool the gulls didn’t fly away; they bravely approached me. For the first few minutes I fed them two slices of bread without taking pictures. Then I tried to take pictures feeding the birds with one hand and holding my camera in the other. It didn’t work well. I left the place frustrated and unhappy.

The only one who could help me to feed the gulls while I was taking pictures of them was my husband. And he happily agreed to do that. We returned back to the pool with more slices of bread. And fun began. My husband cheerfully talked to the gulls. “Are you ready, guys?..” he said to them loudly before throwing little pieces of bread into the air.

I will never forget the one brave gull standing in front of the “crowd”. She was so impatient. When she heard the words “are you ready”; she jumped up and then she realized that nothing yet was happening; she was down. It was funny to watch her. It was fan to watch my husband talking to the birds. Anyway, we had a great time and I was able to take pictures of the gulls.




2 Comments on ““Are You Guys Ready?…”

  1. Oh, Olechka, what a great story and marvelous photos! I adore gulls, they are so very lovely, so communicative! You know I have just recently found out that we have gulls here too, but they are so timid, never ask for food, never talk to you. We had a great time with seagulls in France, they were so brave, talkative. I remember as we set by the Seine and had our supper and the seagulls were coming so close as if wanted us to share our supper with them. It is such a lovely remembrance.


  2. Anechka, these were very special gulls; they didn’t fly away. Why? Who knows. Usually they never let you to be around them. Ahh, in France they are probably beautiful and fly in flocks. Sometimes I image being in Italy or France, sitting on the stairs of the big building watching pigeons or gulls:)

    Your story is wonderful and I enjoyed reading it.

    A warm hug.


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