Chasing Rain – 2.



2 thoughts on “Chasing Rain – 2.

  1. Such a wonderful image, Olechka!

    I felt something the same a few days ago (I read your post on the email). I was going home, weather was very pleasant, warm air and the sky getting darker. I although I felt fine and my mood was quite nice I felt all past moments in that sky and the warm weather, all good and bad things. Everything was intermingled and I just thought that the past seems to be like a trace behind you, always with you. It effects how you see certain things today. At least for me.


  2. Yes, that is so true, Anechka. Our past is always with us; it brings memories and feelings. I agree completely what you wrote about it.

    Thank you for your visit. I always enjoy reading your comments:)

    My warmest wishes to you, my dear Anechka.


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