What can I write about dance and dancers? I can tell a story how my childhood friend and I took a class in the Dance school. My friend was fifteen; I was one year younger. He was tall and awkward; I was short, plump and very energetic.

We were accepted at the school without an audition, what we didn’t know that it didn’t mean anything. In a few days my friend was asked by the dance teacher to leave class. I left it in one week.

My dance teacher one day invited me into her office and told that I can’t attend anymore my dance class because I was lacking graciousness and plasticity. When I shared these news with my friend he became very angry at the teacher, he called her a jerk who didn’t know that you could learn graciousness and plasticity in time. My naive friend believed that this is possible and reassured me that some day I will be a dancer.

I never became a dancer but I adore to dance. I dance for myself when nobody is watching me, I dance for my dog Tasha who is always looks at me with a great admiration. Sometimes we dance together; I take Tasha’s front pows in my hands and we shift our feet from one side to another and we are happy. Without graciousness and plasticity.


4 thoughts on “Dancer

  1. Olechka, I miss your posts so much!

    I am having flu and a bit out of order right at the moment, so never dare think that I have forgotten you 🙂

    Beautiful photo and what a lovely story! I imagine you dancing. How beautiful you are, Olechka, for dancing with Tasha, cheering her up!

    And your friend was quite right, one can learn to be graceful. I am reading the book you advised me The Man Called Ove. Do you remember what his wife tells Ove about dancing and singing? 🙂


    • Anechka, I never ever thought that you forgot me:)

      Do you know it’s a pleasure to dance in front of Tasha, she is so awesome and appreciative. My friend believed with all his heart that it’s possible to learn being graceful, I believed also but not now:)

      Anechka, please take a very good care of yourself and get better soon. That is what the most important. I am sending on your way my healing wishes!!!

      A warm hug.


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