Night Visitors


That night was special. I couldn’t fall asleep. You know what I am talking about. You lie in the darkness with your eyes wide open staring at the ceiling and listening how the clock is ticking. It’s unusually loud. Your eyes already adjusted to the dark and you can see dark dancing shadows on the walls. They look intriguing but you are frustrated because tomorrow will be another day with a lot of errands and you prefer to have a clear head. You think about tomorrow, you try to chase away your thoughts which don’t want to settle down. And soon you find yourself in the never ending cycle of thoughts which makes you even more frustrated.

Then suddenly you hear a gentle noise outside. Someone is walking in your garden. In the middle of the night. You get up and look at the window. It’s beautiful outside. A huge moon shining at you and four young deer are peacefully walking in your garden.

Your first impulse is to grab a camera and try to take a picture of your night guests. It’s dark but you will try anyway. Your camera isn’t in a cooperative mood and tells you forget about the whole deal. But you don’t want to give up so easily; you take a picture of the moon. One clic. One shot. And to your surprise for the first time the moon looks decent on the screen of your camera; it doesn’t look like an ugly tiny white blab. It looks like the real moon.

On nights like this when you just can’t sleep you suddenly realize that you are not alone; something always is happening in the world. And knowing it gives you a very comforting feeling.


6 thoughts on “Night Visitors

  1. That is so wonderful, Olechka! What a fantastic view from your window or yard!

    I do know how it feels. I was in the same state last night, but without deer or moon πŸ™‚ You are so right, you are not alone!

    I wanted to share that with you – I read such deep words a few days ago, they touched me so much as they were the echo of my thoughts. The words are in Russian and your spam box are blocking them πŸ™‚ so I will send you the extract via email.

    Sending you all my warm thoughts and wishes!

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    • Anechka, thank you very much!

      I knew that you will understand what I wanted to write/say. It’s so easy to talk to you, it’s such a joy to share with you many things.

      I didn’t know that I have a spam box on this site. It’s sometimes complicated and I probably didn’t set properly comments’ feature. I don’t know how to fix it but I will try.

      Anyway, I am glad to get comments from you and it doesn’t matter how you write. I got your email and as soon as I finish to write here; I am going to read. Very happy about it!!!

      A warm hug and very best wishes to you, my dear Anechka!!!


      • Please do not worry about the spam settings! The main thing is that we are able to communicate whatever the language is πŸ™‚

        I enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas with you too!

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