Symbolic Sign, Old Girl Tasha and an Adventure


Saturday we had an adventure. I don’t use this word often because usually when we are having an adventure it means something will go wrong but will be very thrilling and often memorable.

Our adventure usually starts with a family hike in the mountains. There are three of us who like to hike in the mountains; our old girl Tasha who happens to be a dog but acts like a spoiled brat baby, my husband and I.

First step is to get Tasha into the car. And I can reassure you that it’s not an easy task to pick up a 33.5 pounds dog who doesn’t want to be treated like an invalid at her age – Tasha will be fourteen years old in May. At this crucial moment it doesn’t matter that she can’t jump into the car by herself, doesn’t matter that she should be smart and cooperative; she remembers better times when she was young and strong.

Well, we somehow got into the mountains quite quickly. Roads were clear, morning was sunny but to our surprise the mountains were still covered with snow. We should know better but it was too late. We could turn back or hike in the mud, snow; jumping over the pools and sometimes working through them. We chose to hike.

Soon we reached the point where there was a two way road sign. I looked at it and thought that something was very symbolic about it.

I suddenly clearly realized that I often tried to catch up with time worrying that I will never be able to do that.

At this moment standing by this sign I thought that it’s truly never late. Nature never hurries, things are happening in life at their own pace and time; only I am constantly imposing on myself something I will never be able to achieve.

Anyway, we returned back home happy, dirty and tired from the fresh air, sun and wind. Old girl Tasha got her bath and slept for the rest of the day with a happy smile on her face. I took a few pictures. Nice memories. And a very meaningful adventure.


Our old girl Tasha.


6 Comments on “Symbolic Sign, Old Girl Tasha and an Adventure

  1. Olechka, she is so beautiful, so adorable! Her eyes are so tired and so precious. I imagine how dear she is to you.

    I am so happy to hear about your adventure. You know, I read such a meaningful words yesterday – do not regret about the past, do not dream too much about the future, just live in the present (It sounds a bit more powerful in Russian). All those messages about the present moment which is so tangible vs all other things which are just like a daydreaming – so useless and meaningless, about the aim of life – are hovering above me all the time. I start thinking that it is better to cease so much thoughts about all those things and just live in the life which was given. All those worries you are telling about they are thieves, they try to steal your life and the every single moment. How do you think, Kaya? Nature is wise, maybe all of us should listen to her and learn from her.

    Love you very much and think about you every single day!


  2. Anechka, thank you very much for your wonderful comment. And a special thank you for the nice words about Tasha. Yes, yes, she is very dear to me.

    It was a little adventure, nothing special at all but most important we did something different and it felt good. “To live in the present…” – that is exactly what I try to learn. Anechka, I began to think that when we are daydreaming we create our own reality and it sometimes doesn’t work well.

    I agree with you about our thoughts; sometimes they make us miserable and sometimes they give you the answers and the way out of your difficult situation. Thus, I didn’t know what to do with this blog. At some point I even thought that I should close it. There were so many negative thoughts about it, feeling lonely here and frustrated. And suddenly I thought that I can write in English.

    Вспомнился Харуки Мураками, который сказал однажды пусть это будет плохонькое, но свое. Вот и я решилась на это плохонькое, пусть с ошибками, но свое. И все вдруг встало на свои места. Хорошо и просто.

    Well, I am glad to talk to you. Be happy, Anechka!

    I send you my loving thoughts.


    • I do love talking to you via blog, reading about your everyday thoughts sometimes. It feels a bit closer to you. I only wish I am able to write in Russian, but that’s ok, never mind 🙂
      Never feel negative about the things you are creating, Olechka. It is you, all you do is YOU – so lovely and dear at least to me. Sometimes in the evenings my mom asks me, how is Olechka 🙂 So be sure we love you from here, so distant and still so close to you.
      Writing in English is so beautiful! And your writings are wonderful! All the languages have their own music, haven’t they? I have noticed it only recently.
      Sending you warm and loving thoughts back, my lovely Olechka!


      • Anechka, I am going to look right now at the settings for comments. I will try to figure out how to fix it. WordPress is more complicated than Google. Once, I tried to write here in Russian but wordpress doesn’t correct my spelling. And I don’t like it. Google always corrected every misspelled word.

        It’s wonderful to know that your mom sometimes asks about me. Please, say hello to her from me. Even I have never met her I think about her often.

        Yes, all languages have their own music. Beautiful words, my dear Anechka!

        A big hug to my wonderful and dear friend!!!!


  3. Lamento que la situación del Perú, país en el que me encuentro ahora, no me permita seguir sus trabajos con la asiduidad que me gustaría.

    Bonito rostro el de Tasha. Se le ve mayor (14 años son muchos para un perro), pero bien cuidada y feliz.

    Un abrazo,


    • Miguel, es tan triste lo que está pasando en Perú. Espero que algún día toda la situación mejore.

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      Un abrazo.


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