Urban Dark -3. Street Life


Sometimes you can’t have it all and it’s far better to capture the right moment with the wrong settings. That is what exactly happened with this photograph.

First, I was disappointed about it but then I thought about the famous photograph of the war photographer Robert Capa “Landing of the American troops on Omaha Beach Normandy, France”. It was badly composed, blurry and brilliant. What made it so powerful that Robert Capa was thinking about the moment and didn’t care about the technical stuff and flaws.

I began to believe that not everything should be perfect in your photos; some rawness sometimes is good and even desirable.


7 thoughts on “Urban Dark -3. Street Life

  1. I totally agree with you. The world isn’t perfect, and we aren’t either. I really like this photo. Especially so, because the narrowness of the walkway (whatever it actually is) draws the eye from one end to the other. Great photo Kaya!


  2. Pat, thank you very much! I was glad that you liked this photo. Do you know that sometimes when everything is going wrong can be not bad.

    Very best wishes to you!


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