On the Country Roads – 2. Goats I met

There are a few goats I met on the country roads. Some I met close to my home, others were several miles away.

The goats I met were young and only recently I met an old goat.


The goats can learn their name and to come to you when you call them.

Baby goats are standing and talking to their mama the minute they were born. They are fast learners.

Goats are easily depressed when they are alone and no other goat around. The goat I met recently (on the picture above) didn’t look depressed at all in spite of the fact that he was alone. Perhaps, he used to be alone.




6 Comments on “On the Country Roads – 2. Goats I met

  1. Goats are so darn smart and do have individual personalities. You captured a glimpse of the personality of each of them.
    Very nice photos! I’ve been called an “old goat” a few times…


  2. Yes, yes goats are darn smart! I like very much what you wrote about their individual personalities. I also believe in that.

    You made me laugh about an “old goat”; I would consider it as compliment because the older goats have an enormous amount of wisdom.

    A big warm hug.


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