On the Country Roads – 1. Black Beauties


Cows and horses are my strong obsession. I can photograph them as long as they allow me.

It started six years ago when I bought my first camera. There wasn’t around someone who would help me with my digital camera. My husband had by that time a film camera and didn’t know anything about digital cameras.

During the first month I was afraid to touch any button on my camera; I was sure that if I touched a few buttons, my camera would stop working and my adventure with photography would be over.

I would probably continue to study the manual for the next few months until my husband “threatened” me that if I would not use my camera; he would return it back.

You always have a choice. You can go with your fear or you can look into its face and laugh at it. I decided to laugh at my fear and said to myself that it’s not an easy thing to damage your camera by just gently touching its buttons.

My first photo session took place in the country. My husband and I found a farm with horses and I took a few pictures. One horse wasn’t very friendly; every time I approached her she screamed at me and moved away. I remember how I followed her and talked to her gently while taking pictures but it didn’t work well. She became very agitated and it was a time to leave.

Returning back home I thought that horses are like us; they are very social and can be unhappy if somebody uninvited gets on their territory.

There would be more photo sessions when I would take good and bad pictures but my first one will always stays with me.


4 thoughts on “On the Country Roads – 1. Black Beauties

  1. Así son siempre los comienzos y es bueno porque esa fase de aprendizaje y experimentación más tarde se traduce en resultados. Me gustan esas vacas que toman todo el protagonismo y miran atentamente a la cámara.
    Un abrazo,


  2. Miguel, aprendí la fotografía a través de altibajos. Y todavía estoy aprendiendo. Me alegra que te hayan gustado estas vacas. No huyeron y tuve mucho tiempo para tomar varias fotos.

    Muchas gracias por visitarme y por escribir un comentario.

    Un abrazo.


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