Graffiti, Double Exposure and Conversation




I found this graffiti yesterday; it was painted by a very talented unknown artist. My first thought was that it would be nice if I would take pictures using double exposure. But it didn’t work well right from the beginning. Every picture came out so messy that at some point I stopped and thought that it’s time to go home and return back another time. Somehow the idea of leaving this place appeared very helpful. It changed the perception of the situation and the desire to create something great was gone. And most important I began to see this graffiti differently.

I also had a “quality” time talking to a stranger who approached me while I was struggling with my camera and said, ” Some people think that this is life. I think that this is destiny. What do you think?”

I couldn’t think of anything but responded anyway that I think that this is probably fate. Apparently, my answer was OK because a stranger smiled and walked away singing and talking to himself about something very personal.


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