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Lately I began to ask myself, “Why am I on a social media”? “Why did I return back to Flickr? “Why am I here?”

I don’t connect with people on a social media, I don’t write comments, I don’t get comments; only on occasion. Am I here just to show off my photographs? Or there is something more to that.

Perhaps, something more to that. I opened this blog to write about photography, how it became a big part of my life and changed it. I know it sounds a little bit pathetic but it’s true. I am a housewife and I lived for a long time quiet secluded life without friends and social gatherings.

Photography took me on the streets were I began to meet some people; talk to them even for a very brief moment. I started the project “Portraits of Strangers”. That was the best thing ever happened to me. I didn’t feel myself anymore isolated and disconnected with world and people. Photography gave a meaning to my life. It gave a purpose and goals. And learning also.

And then… I wanted to share my work with others. It was a good honest determination but in years it turned into an ego thing. Somehow I began dependent on likes and favorites. If I didn’t get them or got little I was upset for the whole day. When I got a few of them my mood improved and I felt excited.

When some day I realized that I am running on a huge social media treadmill to nowhere and I have to do something about it.

All my favorite photographers like Ernest Haas, Vivien Maier, William Eggleston, Saul Leiter and others didn’t care what others thought about their photography. I am sure that they even would not be on a social media and different forums. They shoot for pleasure. They had a confidence and I am lacking it.

Lately I am looking less and less for approval of others. It’s not so easy but I am working on it. And I don’t use the social media as barometer to see if I am good with my photography or not.



8 Comments on “Questions, Answers and More

  1. Great post, Kaya! And I love this street portrait! Your work has to please you and only you. A blog can serve as a personal diary, a documentation of one’s journey into photography. Also, sharing work as a way to connect to the world and meeting interesting peers is also a great thing. But collecting likes shouldn’t be a reason to be on social media.


  2. Marcus, thank you very, very much for your comment. It means a lot to me. And you made me smile when I read a last sentence. I agree with you about collecting likes:))))

    Very best wishes to you from me.


  3. My dear Kaya, I think this question occurs to most of the bloggers, why do I do that? If it is only about blogging, I think that’s because of the desire to interact and get socialized, isn’t it so? Your photos are amazing, they are YOU, your inner world, your perception of the world, the urge of your soul, so do not think about the others, it does not really mean anything.
    I have noticed that people who read others, who writes comments and so on, who writes about personal things, are more open, they have more views and more comments, that’s the rule I guess. I noticed it on my page on Instagram (I will send you a letter about it later).
    Do not worry, my sweet Kaya! You are brilliant and have to prove that only to yourself, do these things only for yourself, nobody else.
    My warm wishes and thoughts for you!


    • My dear Anna,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment. It’s fantastic and it’s touched me deeply. Do you know that I never dared to write about this for a long time and I thought that I finally have to do that. I was sure that nobody reads me and , of course, I was mistaken. I agree with you completely that you do things only for yourself; this way you can be truly happy and joyful.

      I am happy dear Anna, that you found a minute and wrote this comment. I send you my best wishes. I love you.


  4. Estimada amiga Kaya:

    Vengo siguiendo sus trabajos desde hace tiempo y puedo asegurarle que usted no necesita la aprobación de nadie. Lo importante en realidad es hacer fotografías, eso es lo que nos gusta y eso es lo que debemos hacer. Publicar nuestros trabajos en redes sociales o en este mundillo de los blogs es interesante desde el momento en que dando a conocer nuestro trabajo nos obligamos a nosotros mismos a ser más exigentes y colaboramos en el aprendizaje de los demás.

    Yo mismo he aprendido mucho de usted. Su serie “Portraits of Strangers” ha sido para mi reveladora e inspiradora y envidio su facilidad para contactar con la gente de la calle. Por eso le animo a que continúe haciendo la fotografía que usted desee y del modo que a usted le guste. Usted tiene el suficiente arte y criterio en su mirada sobre la vida como para no precisar consejos de nadie.

    Un fuerte abrazo,


  5. Querido Miguel,

    Muchas gracias, mucho por tomarse el tiempo y escribir este comentario increíble. Últimamente estoy pensando en los medios de comunicación social. A menudo me pregunto si me da algo o me quita algo importante.

    Pero entonces creo que tengo amigos verdaderos como tú y como Anna de Georgia y me siento muy afortunado.

    Estoy profundamente conmovido por su comentario. Estoy agradecido por su increíble apoyo.

    Les envío todos mis mejores deseos.

    Tu amigo Kaya.


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