Evening in the Country -1.


Sometimes I don’t know what kind of a photographer I am. Probably, generalist.

Thus, last summer I was wandering on our main historical street and did only street photography. I got influenced. I got inspired by street photographers. Of course, I knew that winter will come and our only interesting street will become deserted. Who wants to wander on it in the freezing cold weather?

I am back on the country roads taking pictures of country life. I am enjoying it. For a while.

4 thoughts on “Evening in the Country -1.

  1. Such beautiful photos, Kaya! All the recent photos are really different if I may say so. Now I understand what you meant in your letter.
    Good luck, my lovely Kaya!


  2. Анечка, милая моя,

    Спасибо тебе за этот комментарий! И спасибо за понимание. И за пожелание тоже! У меня теперь чудесное настроение после твоих слов:)

    Я тебя обнимаю, Анечка!


  3. Hey, as you see from my last posts we are not limited to what we shoot. As long as we don’t have to make a living from photography we just have to please us. And if someone else happens to like the photo that’s a bonus. So let our creative desires of the moment determine what we shoot today. If it’s street it is street. if it’s landscape it’s landscape. All is well 😊! By the way, love the snowy country road. Judging from the tracks a lot of people had fun there….


  4. Marcus, thank you for this conversation and thank you for understanding. I noticed that some people specialize in one area or genre of photography. I thought that I am missing something. Not after reading your comment. Feel tremendous relief.

    Best wishes to you from me!


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