Still There


The snow melted and revealed life
hidden between rocks and dry leaves.



White Winter. Shed


Fence with cross. Lone shed.
And snow, everywhere snow.


In the Intersection


Portraits of Strangers. In Pizzeria with Mama


In the Fog

Every tree is like a little poem
that the Earth writes with all its soul and heart.


Portraits of Strangers


2017 is coming to the end. It was a very good year. In many ways.
I made smart decisions and not so smart. And of course a lot of mistakes.
I was experimenting a lot with black and white photography and came to conclusion
that I am comfortable with monochrome and color.

I met interesting and talented photographers
and got inspired by them but chose my own way in photography.

I also decided to photograph what I am passionate about and nothing more.

 I still have a strong infatuation with street photography.
And of course I am always thrilled when I am taking pictures of trees
which I see as lonely and strong people.

2017 is coming to the end. It was a very creative and productive year.
My hope is that 2018 will be peaceful and a good year.
For all of us.


White Winter

Heavy fog is like a dream to come true when you don’t expect it.
This morning fog was everywhere.
It was the rawest and the densest fog.


About Luck


One year ago I said to myself that I will never ever again do street photography.

Why wander on the deserted streets looking for nonexistent people?

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Portraits of Strangers. Beautiful Girl with Glasses


On the Street. Little man


The Things We Carry -1.


New little project. New ideas.
Everything happened so spontaneously and wasn’t planned at all.
What was planned was to photograph the pigeons on top of abandoned building.
They always were there during many years. Always.

This time there were no pigeons, an abandoned building had nice windows and a new roof.
Instead of taking pictures of pigeons I wandered on the streets and photographed people.


Foggy Morning


Our fogs don’t last long time.
One moment you are in the fog, and the next moment the
sun is smiling at you through the clouds.




This place is so amazing. Every time I get there I am thrilled.
Lights, more lights, people wandering around leisurely.
I thought I would never be able to do street photography again
after taking for straight seven months only pictures of trees.


West Land. Pond


I always come back to the same place over and over again
Thus, I visited this little pond the second time already.

This time I saw a little shed. It’s was not very special
but I found it interesting.


Windy Dance


Morning was windy and not pleasant. No birds, no people around.
Wind, trees, frozen pond and an odd tree.
It was fabulous in its windy dance.


By the Pond


Dry plant with a few leaves. It startled me by its awkwardness.
And at the same time it was so elegant.
On a freezing cold morning this dry plant was like a little Christmas tree.


Abstract Reality. It’s Winter


Little frozen pond. A few islands of snow.
And silence like a warm blanket comforts you.


West Land


Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them,

whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.

They do not preach learning and precepts,

they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.

Hermann Hesse


Portraits of Strangers. Young Man on a Balcony


Sometimes I wonder what a portrait can reveal?
Probably not much but it can give you some clues about person.
And even a little bit more…


Urban Sketches. Gulls and a Freight Car


My Urban Sketches are coming to the end.
I enjoyed taking pictures of gulls.



Rusty Paintings -1. Flower in the Rain


Rust sometimes creates interesting colors, patterns and shapes.
They often resemble “paintings”.

Thus, a few days ago I found an old machinery
which had plenty of fantastic rusty “abstracts”on it.


Urban Sketches. Gulls


I always thought that my photographs are disturbing.
They don’t project peace.

Yesterday I learned something different.
I was told that the photograph above does project peace.

And explained why,
“Gulls, these little helpless creatures, coexist peacefully
in the world with industrial buildings, cars and people.

Interesting. I never thought this way…


Girl with Violin





Girl and a Bird


I looked yesterday at some of my photos taken two years ago.
They are mostly street photographs taken at the Farmers Market during summer.
Some of them have stories, other just interesting moments.


Memories of Indian Summer


Indian summer was very kind this year. It lasted and lasted.
I took photographs of almost every festive tree on my way
and sometimes it felt that I was living in the joyful and sunny world.


West Land. Moody


The tree by the pond was wonderful
but the background was cluttered and destructive.

I looked at the pond and the reflections
of the whole scene were simple and interesting.


The Road


We all travel our own roads.

Some are good, some are bad,

yet each is blessing of its own.

Julien Cracq


Angel of Hope -2.

There is a completely different mood in this photograph.
It’s lighter. The conversation between two angels only started.
It’s about purpose and belonging.
It’s about pleading to stay in the place which gives you comfort and peace.
And a decision not to do that.


Angel of Hope


Red Houses


Lensbaby plastic optic


Zone Plate. Still Beautiful


Lensbaby Zone plate


Zone Plate. Old Tree

Lensbaby Zone plate


On the Country Roads


Wish it Well

Everything you blame, you are stuck with. Bless it. Wish it well. Wish it own freedom, and it will be very powerful in the way that it will not come back to you.” Adyashanti
I never thought that blame is energy which always looking for resolution and if you don’t wish it well it will always be drawn back to you. Interesting.


Zone Plate Rural – I. Evening

Why primitive photography? Why Zone plate instead of lens? It’s difficult to answer on this question but somehow my curiosity led me to the beginning of 20th century and works of pictorial photographers. I loved their images, impressionistic soft focus, how they embraced simplicity and imperfection.

First, I couldn’t take photographs with Zone plate. I struggled with exposures. Recently I got advice to use a tripod and long exposures. And it worked. To the point.

Welcome November !



Indian summer is over. No more warm days.
Today is the first truly cold rainy day.
It’s my type of weather. I like rains and gray clouds.
I like a flat light also.
Welcome November!


Wabi-Sabi. Autumn Leaves



I can’t believe that Indian summer lasts and lasts this year.
Today was another wonderful warm day.

Dancing Tree


Trees… Recently I am taking mostly photographs of them.
Right now they are almost bare but still beautiful.
Or let say this way that they are always interesting when are still
and when they are not.

Indian Summer -II.


At Dawn

This photograph is about strength and survival.

It’s about how many obstacles this little courageous tree has to overcome .

How many storms it has to withstand.

Every year this tree will grow stronger and stronger

and remind us that home is neither here nor there.

Home is within us.

Indian Summer




Girl with a Jar

We remember moments, not days.

I don’t remember the exact day I found the small village chapel but I remember three dogs who greeted me in the chapel’s backyard. They were big, old and hardly walked.

Those were my unforgettable moments; the old dogs, the colorful carpet of autumn leaves, nice crispy air and peacefulness of a small and welcoming place.

This time I didn’t meet the dogs. The backyard was neatly cleaned. Its cleanness was sad and not inviting.
But there was something new and unexpected. There was the stature of a girl with a jar I didn’t see before.

You come to places you like and expect them to be the same but those places always betray you.


Transformations – I.



West Land. Snow Basin

Autumn is wonderful right now in the mountains.
The colors are rich and vibrant, the air is crisp and fresh.
A total bliss!



Green Pond, Snow Basin

Snow Basin

There is a spirit and transformation in the trees. They are constantly changing and never the same.
It seems that this tree is a little bit taller than it was last year and definitely stronger.

Raccoon on a Tree

Last Sunday morning in the mountains greeted me with hail and strong wind. Hail was dry, quiet gentle and tolerable. I was heading back to my car when I saw a young raccoon siting on a tree.

He probably was scared of me but tried to remind calm. I have never seen before a raccoon hiding on a tree.

Wild Geese

Photography is about making decisions, luck and patience. I learned it a few days ago. When I saw wild geese preparing for migration I thought, well I didn’t have a telephoto lens and wild geese would look like small black dots on my pictures. Am I OK with it? Of course, I was. Did I have a choice? I even began to think about my pictures as sketches. For the future.

And then luck came. Wild geese were flying over my head and they didn’t look on the screen of my camera like small black dots. They were visible and beautiful.

Geese flew many times toward my direction. First they appeared from nowhere. I could hardly see them, I only heard their voices. They were wonderfully loud letting me know that they are approaching. Then they flew over my head and I took as many pictures as I could hoping to get one decent. It was a very short moment, just a few seconds and they were gone.

I waited for them about ten minutes to appear again. I was wondering around hoping to see them again. The whole adventure was great. I was waiting, then taking pictures of geese like a crazy person, then waiting again.

And here are my pictures of wild geese. As you see they already chose their leader. It’s a mystery for me how they did it. How did they know that this particular bird is the wisest and the strongest?


Intimate Forest -3.

There are places in the forest were you feel a little bit trapped. That was one of these places. Dense. Silent. And incredibly beautiful with touch of autumn colors.

Autumn starts early in the mountains. And it doesn’t last long.

Intimate Forest. Snow Basin

Autumn arrived and announced itself with cloudy and rainy days but then it changed its mind and decided to be more kind. It’s getting a little bit warmer and the sky is crystal blue.

I should be happy about it and I am. But… I will patiently wait for cloudy and rainy days. I love flat light. It brings beautiful colors, more subdued, more neutral. Almost pastel colors.

I bought the hunting rubber boots with high traction. I tested them a few days ago walking on the field. They are great and warm but on a heavy side. No more worries about muddy trails and pools.

Life is good.

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